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What is it with solo travel and I? It always seems to open up with a Big Bang. Either that or there is always something "out-of-the-usual" or unpredictable that happens.
Of all my travels to date, Myanmar seems to be the most... unpredictable so far. Not that I want my next trips to be even more so.  With what just happened, I don't think I'd want anything more extreme.
So, I waited patiently in KL for my flight to Yangon. It was a six-hour layover but I spent some of it working. My flight got delayed for another hour though. And I was very much concerned because I had an 8 pm bus for Bagan to catch.
Murphy's Law happened to me that night. The immigration queue was really long. Good thing, a fellow Filipina helped negotiate a move up the line for me. Still, I was behind a Thai group of six, with the first one forgetting to fill up some details of his arrival card :(
By the time I got through, I  grabbed my luggage and rushed towards the exit. I immediately spotted my…

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