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Yup. It's one of those. I think it started 9 days ago while I was booking my flight from Vienna to Lyon. I was working but I have just gotten my visa. It meant my travel is certain. So while I was waiting for some documents to upload (quite slowly), I was also looking at flight options. So I typed, "Vienna to Lyon" and came up with several. I checked the date, time and looked at the most reasonably priced. That translates to, "most likely not the cheapest but would either be a direct flight or a connecting one with the shortest layover." I found one (or so I thought) and booked accordingly.A day after, while I was going through my itinerary one more time, I discovere that what I actually booked was "Vienna to Geneva!" I was like, "what the...!" I could.not for the love of me understand why there would be a Geneva option for a flight search for Vienna to Lyon.
Apparently, it is quite common as I tried the search again. There were other yields…

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